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     This is one of my fantasy's I hope you all like it. 
     I'm in a room, and there are only couple of things in there, theres a bed, a TV, and some stuff animals. Theres a man there and I can't see his face. And he tells me, he wants to have his way with me, and he hands me a black lace  teddy, and fishnet stalkings, and staletos.
    He tells me to put hose on, and sit on the bed and wait for him. then he comes back, he has red roses in his hand, gives one to me, he gets five others a pull the peddles off, and sprinkles them on the bed. 
    He lays me down on the bed, and takes the rose from me, and runs it down my body. the sliky pedles down my body, which makes me shiver. 
    The mystery man sits by my side, and spreads my legs apart, and unsnaps my teddy, he goes up to my shoulder a pulls the straps down, and kisses my shoulders, He goes between my legs and gets his tounge and buts it on my chin and licks down between my breasts, he takes his hands and takes off the teddy. brings my legs up, slids his hand down to my pussy, and begins to curess it.
    As I moan in pleasure, he asks me. "How do you like it" 
    And I say "How ever you want to give it to me, my body is yours to take charge with."
    He pulls my legs up over his shoulders, grab on to the heels of the steletos, and puts his cock in me and thrusts harder and harder.
    As I expolded with a orgasam, he hands me a silk sheet and says cover up, and get some rest I'l be back to pleasure you more.
                        THE END

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    How Sluty Lady E here I would like to tell you about my sexual adventure today. It was with my girlfriend Baby Doll. I was cybering, and got really hot, so Baby Doll came and sat by me. We started making out and touching each other, and one thing lead to another. Be fore I knew it she was fingering me, and I was fingering her. I used our dildo on her, and hs also used it on her self. we did a little domination stuff, like calling each other slut, saying if we could make noise or not, It was lots of fun. I like to do that kind of thing, and I know will do it again, it will me as fun as it was the first time.

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     Hi this is sweetie, I want to welcome my readers to the sluty-lady-e now written by sweetie.
     I hope you will all enjoy what ever I write. If it needs more details or have any questions IM or e-mail me at HASCATS8@AOL.COM 
thank you.

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     Im sorry to tell you readers but this is my last entre.  I just no longer want to write about my sex life, or cyber chat.
but have no fear this journal will still be active, cause my Sweetie will be taking over. And also most of the time will cyber.
I enjoyed getting your responses and chatting with you all.
Now when Sweetie takes over and she talks about me, im known as baby doll.
The journal name will not change cause Sweeties first name also starts with an E.
Goodbye all and take care

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     sorry my readers but this entry is a little of a vent do to one of my readers, who will remain nameless.
     I thought I was doing pretty good with this journal. A lot of you just IM me to tell me you enjoy it. well tonight I got insulted for this journal.
     First they ask me if im the writer, then we talk a little and they say that I sound more adult, then from my LJ, saying I write childish.
That I miss spell a lot and that there is not a lot of description in my entries.
    and that I probably would get more people if I wrote in a different style.
     well Im sorry my miss spelling is because I don't know how to spell some words, or I typed to fast and missed or added a letter. I know LJ is nice enough to have a spell check, but I just plain forget about it, but for now I'l try to spell check.
     Now for the writing style, what does this person, or maybe others want, Im not freaken Diane Steele's and this isn't a novel, it's a diary entre about my sex life, and I really don't know how to write about sex in graphic details. I just try to write about what happen and remember as much as possible.
     I'm not really going to try and change my style cause I have tried to write that way and it is all to not understanding it.
please let me thank what you know about my writeing.

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     Okay a few things have happen in the last few days.
two days ago we had a black out and yours truly had to sleep on the couch, do to it was to hot for three people on a queen. But Sweetie came and visit me we talked in the dark, and then we fingered our pussies and sucked our breasts. I felt great. I so wanted Sweetie to suck my pussie but she said it was to out to do that and I was fine with it.
     I also found out that night why she went two days not kissing me, made me thank that I did something wrong, but it was the opposite she wanted to see how long I could last with out kissing her. which did drive me crazy, and like I said made me worried that she was mad at me.
     Lover is not aloud to have any intercourse with me until he has sex with sweetie 4 times. (do to me and him fucking more than she and him) today was suppose to me #3, but LOL our neighbor came by and open the door, I told him  to stay down the stairs while I got clothes on and left Lover and Sweetie fucking. It was hilarious, me trying to find clothes, praying the neighbor wouldn't go up the stairs.  (reason I had no clothes on is Lover can kiss and suck me, just not inter me.) the neighbor had fun getting on me for the huge hickey on my neck.
    LOL before the whole neighbor coming over we were in the family room and Lover was eating me out, Sweetie turned the TV to THE GREMLIMS, it's hard concentrating to the feeling of a tongue on your pussy and your see slimy little monsters wreaking havic.

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     Iv been very naughty and Sweetie is going to be mad at me.
yesterday Me and Lover where on the bed early in the morning having sex and Sweetie was asleep, also on the bed. she got on us for moving the bed while fucking.
    So lover took me in the living room and we had sex but the whole time we got enterrupted by Sweetie calling out for lover, and the cats making noise, but we finished.
    Sweetie told us that she had to be in the room when we had sex, she wasn't jealous but she wanted to be in the room when we fucked.
    well this morning she was sleeping on the couch and I was sleeping on the bed, Lover came in held me for awhile and then we had sex, I did well keeping quite so that sweetie would not here us, after I went in to the family room and when sweetie woke up I told her the truth and she is upset with me and lover cause im having more sex with him then her.

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     Tonight was my turn in the middle in the bed. I had sex twice with Lover, on the second time I was on top, and it was incredible, it felt so good, I had a hure orgasim and screamed loud at the end.
     Then I used the dildo hard on Sweetie who really loved it. then I had problems sleeping. I even gave up my spot in the middle and gave it to sweetie, which Lover didn't like. still couldn't sleep so Sweetie said she would lick my pussy to see if it would relax me to go to sleep. while she licked Lover kissed me, and sucked my breast, after that it still didn't work, so here I am now sleepless hoping I can go back to bed in a minute

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while I was posting LJ'S earlier in the night Sweetie and Lover were fucking, when I went in the room, they were still at it after awhile we got in our positions in the bed with sweetie in the middle. Lover was starting to complain that he didnt get sex with me and I went over to him and we started kissing then I sat on top of his face and he licked me, then sweetie said she wanted a lick, so I sat on her face for awhile. the way she works her tounge its incredible.
lover jacked himself while my pussy was being eatin by sweetie who said that it tasted so good. after awhile I got on top of Lover and had the moslt incredible ride on is cock and a very good orgasm.
can't wait for tomorrow Im in the middle.

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While in the pool today with Sweetie, Lover and a neighbor of ours. We were playing volley ball. Almost everytime the ball went out of the pool on the other side and we waited for Sweetie and the neighbor to get the ball, Lover and I would kiss. At one moment we were on the steps sitting in the pool me stradling him and kissing and kissing our necks. I loved it but, thank Sweetie was upset that we were kissing her alot and not kissing her.

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